Emily Smith Polyblank

The uneasy goose

13.5'' x 5.5'' . £75 (unframed) or £100(framed).

Last paddle at the end of the day

13'' x 9''.£95 (unframed) or£200 (framed).

Bouncing on a fallen tree

10.5'' x 9.5''. £95 (unframed) or £200 (framed).

Blackberries and playing in the grass

10.5'' x 10''. £95(unframed) or £200 (framed).


13'' x 9''. £95 (unframed) or £200 (framed).

Paddle after the rain

9'' x 10''. £75(unframed) or £100 (framed).


My main form of work has been using woodcut and lino printing. The wood grain has a lovely natural texture of its own, which can control the images and also adds to them.

In the past I have exhibited my work successfully in various places,locally and others.Mall Galleries,Chaple Gallery,Devon.Also including my work being hung three times at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions Further more I have been selected again for 2012.
At Farnham College of Art I studied Fine Art Printmaking,achieving my Degree in 1991.Before that I did a Pre-Foundation at Maidstone College of Art.

The inspiration for my work comes from my surroundings. My Mother owns a small holding with lots of animals in the the countryside on the North Downs of Kent, which is where I grew up. Due to both my parents being artists, I was encouraged at an early age to sketch from life.

I now work in my Father's old studio, he went to college at the Royal Academy and was an excellent portrait and landscape painter until his early death in 1988.
My Mother, a talented painter in her own right, has also influenced and encouraged me to see and discuss things visually, helping my work.

Gaggle of geese

9'' x 4''. £40(unframed) or £95 (framed).

Pigs dinner time

5.5''x 5''. £30 (unframed) or £95 (framed).

Family Supper

8''x 3.5''. £50 (unframed) or £120 (framed).


6.5'' x 4''. £50 (unframed) or £95 (framed).

Pub garden

7.5'' x 4''. £50 (unframed) or £95 (framed).

Town dogs and people

8'' x 10.5''. £60 (unframed) or £120 (framed).

2015 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition showed not 1 but 2 of my prints.Coming Exhibitions are Bower Ga