Emily Smith Polyblank

Last paddle at the end of the day

13'' x 9''.£110 (unframed) or £210 (framed).

Bouncing on a fallen tree

10.5'' x 9.5''. £100 (unframed) or £210 (framed).

Springer in Spring

5.5"x 5" £75 (unframed) £100 (framed)


13'' x 9''. £110 (unframed) or £210 (framed).

Paddle after the rain

9'' x 10''. £95(unframed) or £110 (framed).

Spring lambs

102 X 8" £95 (unframed) £110 (framed)


My main form of work has been using woodcut and lino printing. The wood grain has a lovely natural texture of its own, which can control the images and also adds to them.

In the past I have exhibited my work successfully in various places,locally and others.Mall Galleries,Chaple Gallery,Devon.Also including my work being hung six times at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions Further more I have been selected again for 2019.
At Farnham College of Art I studied Fine Art Printmaking,achieving my Degree in 1991.Before that I did a Pre-Foundation at Maidstone College of Art.

The inspiration for my work comes from my surroundings. My Mother owns a small holding with lots of animals in the the countryside on the North Downs of Kent, which is where I grew up. Due to both my parents being artists, I was encouraged at an early age to sketch from life.

I now am part of a farm cooperative.4 of us running a small holding at Green farm in Kent, which is inspiration for my art.

Now I work in my Father's old studio, he went to college at the Royal Academy and was an excellent portrait and landscape painter until his early death in 1988.
My Mother, a talented painter in her own right, has also influenced and encouraged me to see and discuss things visually, helping my work.

Oak Tree

4"x 5" card £10

Gaggle of geese

9'' x 4''. £40(unframed) or £100 (framed).

Pigs dinner time

5.5''x 5''. £30 (unframed) or £100 (framed).

Family Supper

8''x 3.5''. £50 (unframed) or £120 (framed).


6.5'' x 4''. £50 (unframed) or £100 (framed).

Like a dance

You can now see my biggest woodcut print at the Royal Academy summer Exhibition 2019